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Your employees are targeted by phishing, malware and online scams every day.

How well can they fend off an attack?

Make your business Cyber Smart with our premium Cyber Security Awareness content and Phishing Simulations. Our courses are made for the New Zealand market and include real-world scams to equip your staff with the tools they need to fend off cyber attacks.


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Benefits of our training programs

Our best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

Practical approach

Our awareness journey includes practical easy-to-follow animated learning videos and interactive quizzes.

Globally oriented

We believe security awareness training needs to be ongoing, multifaceted and a variety of methods are used to allow staff to adapt to a secure way of working.

For everyone

The security awareness journey needs to be engaging to all levels of your staff, from beginner to advanced users. Users also need the ability to progress in stages over time.

Premium Content For Everyone

Why You Need Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness training equips you with the knowledge to combat day-to-day threats, and make sound cyber smart decisions every day.

Cyber Awareness is critical because some of the most significant threats, like Phishing, Ransomware and Data Loss, revolve around people.

How the Cyber Awareness Journey works

We’ve explored the most effective training techniques available to help equip your staff to become Cyber Smart. 
Armed with the right information, your staff can overcome the evolving cyber threat landscape every day.
The awareness training includes practical easy-to-follow learning modules with interactive quizzes after each video.  
We believe security awareness training needs to be ongoing, multifaceted and include a variety of training methods. The awareness training enables staff to adapt to a secure way of working.
The awareness training is staged to enable everyone to benefit from every available module. Training is drip-fed throughout the year to keep information security top of mind for all staff.
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